Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What We Saw in the Epilogues

Shall I speak again
Of that old familiar feeling
The apropos of desire
The emptiness of getting what you asked for
But whose fault will it be today
You look around the room that's empty
Void of empathy and pain
And the desire to do anything at all
Again I shall sing
Of the void in the place called joy
The fear of feeling unfulfillment
When you've finally found success
The joy is in the journey
The destination is a rocking chair
In an empty room
Colored sepia and full of sand
And the finest film of dust on all your favorite memories
Caught forever in an unfocused lens
Shall speaking I again sing
Of that simple pleasure in adversity
Knowing who to hate and what to be
Knowing where the goals are and which mountain to climb
Never reaching the top
To sit down wrapped tight in ennui
The bittersweet hollowness of purpose complete
I sing and speak again
Of the postpartum pain of accomplishment
And you find yourself the mother
Who dreams of murdering her child
To throw away the baby clothes
And start all over again
What will you do to feel purpose
What will you do to feel desire
What are you willing to do to feel that joy
And know you'll never know the peace
Of knowing the emptiness will always find you
On the other side of desire

1 comment:

  1. You always have such strong endings. The last two lines unite the themes with a chilling power. I also appreciated the Classical invokation -"I sing"- which brought an effective gravity and worked as a repeated device.
    On another note, I'd be interested to know what inspired you to write a "Killing your Baby Poem" (I'm not even asking about the elementary schools in your search history)...new reading material?