Monday, January 28, 2013

Mulciber's Lament

Two birds 
Trapped on a telephone wire
Called my selfishness 
Were I but man enough 
To give them reason to wing
A gentleman does not hug a lady 
Unless asked 
A gentleman does not refuse a lady
Any service he can bring 
Can I then impetuously 
Lead lambs astray 
Knowing full well the Wolf's waiting maw
Drips ever crimson 
And still yet desires all the more
Dainty is the flesh consumed here 
Tender the hearts rent of veneer 
And all facades now cast as masks
Down to the dust and all that remains 
Is her soft crying in lonesome night 
Were I a gentleman and not a fiend 
I'd make a noise, these birds take flight
Or else with some hunters charm 
Their locks undone their cage unbarred
And setting wing upon the wind
Give flight to these and to their end 
A new home found in climes more mild
Where torpid breaths of winds beguile 
And makes the hours to wax and wane 
While dolset tunes and songs refrain 
This dolorous night no more to know
These wire rakes make way for hope
But I am a fiend cut of darkest cloth 
And night herself by my brooding doth 
Declare these paltry rhymes a show
Unmoved my pieces 
Still plotted my course 
Remains ever fixed by an ill omened star
Affixed as a rusty nail to heavens vaults
Betimes found wandering within the dawn 
Or hidden to hesperidian antipodes
Far flung it's evil radiance cast
To make heavy the hearts of maidens chaste
Ever mine the evil day
Ever maiden cursed my name 
For still in seeing the image base
The eyes in the glass no path can trace
Nor mode or manner or vitality find
Nor wellspring of virility in my mind
To see such wicked and infernal ways 
And make no change in course now set
Into the storm
into the den 
Into their sweetest heartbreak once again 
Two birds ensnared by the fowlers line 
Two delicate hearts quiver and repine  

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