Saturday, January 5, 2013


Oh my lovely, lonely ghost
Will you ever move on?
Depart these mortal shores
Move on
And haunt someone else
Just not me forever more
Oh, my dearly departed
This isn't how it's supposed to be
At least
Not how I would think it would seem
After all
You were the one who killed me
How is it
That I am not haunting you
You have now become so ghostly.
Beloved phantom,
Why do I feel that you will never leave me
Every sound
Every touch
Every song
Every taste
Somehow winds back
And I'm standing
On the spot we both stood
Running where we ran
And you are here again
Transparent to everyone but me
Why did you do it?
Only this one thing haunts me more than your face
Why did you do it?
I thought with time
It's all healing power
Or maybe some perspective at the very least
I might find an answer
But I still sit
And the perpetual question
Hovers over my mind
Was it me?
Was it you?
Was it us?
Did I change?
Or did you just change your mind?
I think I might never stop asking
I think you might never stop haunting
And I could go on and on
About how it isn't fair
Not to me
And not to the others
But I think
Secretly somewhere deep inside
The haunting presence
Of you, my sweet phantom
Reminds me
That what we had was real
And so maybe
I don't
Don't really want
You to go
Not yet
It's a few hours to morning yet
Sit a while
And I will live again
Through the pain from your smile

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