Thursday, January 3, 2013

Conversations on Earth, or A Poorly Written Poem

He wants to say he's sorry
You can see it in his eyes
But he's not gonna say sorry
And do you even know why

He wants to just hold you
You can already feel his touch
And even though you want it too
You know you'll reject it

Aren't we all so funny
Spinning on our blue ball
We agonize over molehills
And don't get the point at all

You can see that he wants to be
Everything you could ever ask
But you ask and then change your mind
And he's getting tired of it all

You can see that he's turning away
And you want to keep him so bad
But you know he's gonna walk soon
And you can stop him... but you won't

Aren't we all so sad
Our little ball is winding down
We took too long to figure out
How to just be happy with each other

And ourselves

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