Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Old Woman Inside

They drain too much today
And what will you decide
When they ask you to play the game
Come now, love
You know you're better by far
Stop pouting on the inside
And let it show outside instead
The better to see you with
Why keep the charade going
Do you really care what they think?
Obviously not or you would care more
On the inside
Socially acceptable rules are fine
If you're having an evening dinner with fine wine
But don't tell me that happy face masks
Are the lubrication of civilization
If they be true they'll understand
Or at least they'll try
The better to hear you with
If not, maybe they aren't worth your time anyway
You seem apprehensive
And maybe just a bit unsure
Would I lead you astray, lamb
Come a bit closer to the fire
And remember you are safe here
No need for these men of straw or stone
Just pile some more wood on the fire
The better to eat you my dear

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