Friday, January 25, 2013

The Archer and Her Arrow

My bow
You sent me out
A flying comet across the night sky
My dreams
High and lofty full of prophecy and praise
You shaped on softest mind
And I thank you
For you molded wings for me to fly
And now I am soaring with the planets
O so very high
And you fear the cold of space
And the airless existence seems death to you
But do not fear
You could not imagine the heights
Of the trajectory that you have set
Nor can you control
The arrow once loosed from your arms
It's ending aimed for but alas unsure
I am flying
And I thank you for your high aim
But please despair not so
Weep not these bitter tears
For you imagined me an arrow
Never realizing you gave birth instead
To a rocket
And I shall ascend into the highest
Heavens vaults will not be strange to me
I shall walk upon the paths of stars
And breathe again the air empyrean
And I know you fear
That what comes up must also comes down
And my Phaeton fate makes you beat your breasts
For the Morningstar's glory is also my own
And like he, I know I am doomed to fall
Fail and be cast from the azure vaults
Fail and fall as a beacon burning bright
But I know the risk
That to truly dance with galaxies
And taste the icy airless night
I must rise above the stable tree tops
Pass over the birds of the air
Break the gates of the firmament
A blazing comet into the sky
And gravity then for a time
A stranger to me must remain
But there is a time and season for everything
And the risk is almost set so sure
That my flightpath may not endure
Descending again as all arrows should
Where I fall no man to mark my place
Burned-up entirely on my reentry
Transformed from this woody frame
Into the glory and brilliance of flame
And from the fire then joined with the air
A sweet oblivion and the endless flight
O weep not woman
For my falling then shall not be my failing
For flying high enough to burn then
Means flying forever and never falling down again
I know the risk that I now take
I know the journey is not the fate
You would have wished for me
But glory in that this flaming dart
Which shall illuminate for a time mankind's dark
And then join with the free molecules of the sky
Was shot from the arms that are thine
Glory in the arrow and glory thou my bow
Raise up they eyes so cast low
And this one thing assured know
My journey was never my own

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