Saturday, January 5, 2013

Talking About Nothing At All

Even here
In the land of acceptance
I have found my space
He says
My place
Growing up the wall
Introspection is such a selfish art
She says
And I have seen the many faces
And she says she won't cry
I have held that heart
And seen its soft tender places
And goddamn me
I was moved by his tears too
What is worst of all
I gave in so freely
What is worst of all
My heart was almost broken
C says to C how could you
Be this way
So free and innocent and so naive
C answers C what can I say
I cannot let you in anymore
Feel the closure of the door
I cannot absorb any more of you
K says to K I miss you
And I was never really jealous
And didn't mean what I didn't say
K answers K you are becoming slow
Poison to my soul
And I won't let you hold me close
I cannot hold either at all
C of K I cannot hold you at all
And I won't
You are not mine to hold
So run along little colt
K thinks of C find the wind and your freedom then
I won't stop you
I won't chase you
I won't join you
And I say to all run like the wind

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