Thursday, January 3, 2013

What I Can't Tell You

Excuse me
This is my rant
These are the things
I just keep inside
Because your fragile little psyche
Just couldn't bare
The touch of truth
And besides,
mirrors make you melt
So stand aside and cower
Cover your ears and stuff your eyes
And keep believing that everything is fine
Or believing some other kind of lie
Because this is what I cannot ever tell you
These are not words but brands
I'm almost at the breaking point
With all your tears and self blame
As if its all about you somehow
As if we disappear when you leave the room
Or the lights go out
Or you close your eyes and lay you down to sleep
I'm sorry my dear
But it doesn't work that way
We are here
And to be perfectly honest
We have just about had enough
Of your little pity party and show
Have remorse
That's fine
But the penitent posture is really unnecessary
And the flagellation hurts to look at
And have you never stopped to think
(of course you haven't)
that when you blame and hurt yourself
You don't just hurt yourself
You hurt every person who cares about you
And you drive them further away
So come now darling
Pick yourself up off the floor
No one blames you
And you are loved
More than you can ever know
But you're gonna be loved a little less
Every time you insist on doing this
So just stop it
Some things have nothing to do with you
They don't affect you
And they don't need you to take the blame
Stand up, oh woman, stand
Pick you head back up
And shake the dust from your hair
Where are your accusers now?
Except for the one in the mirror
There never really were any, were there
Stand and step up
Become the bigger person
Put aside these childish ways
Because only a child thinks only of themselves
And you haven't been a child now for a long time
It's time, my dear
And you know I only say this because I love you
Even Wendy came home in the end

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