Thursday, January 3, 2013

What You Don't Seem To Understand

It means touching
Not just the clean
The neat
The socially acceptable
The ones you would approve of
It means loving
Loving everyone
Learning to walk again
Over and over again
Mile by mile
In their shoes
Until their eyes are your eyes
And you cry for the same reasons they do
It means believing
That whatever measure you meet
It will be measured back to you
So just stop it
Stop measuring them
And me
By your preconceived idea of perfection
And your faulty ideals that have killed innocents
It means making
Making your measure the measure of love
It means making your measure
The measure of forgiveness
Of kindness
Of acceptance
It means when you're commanded to go a mile
You go another
Of your own volition
These are the words of the Teacher
And you say you love Him so
It's time to put your money where your mouth is
Show me by your works
Love the way He loved
Because isn't it funny
And funniest that it's true
That he ate with the greatest "sinners"
But the only sins he called
Were yours
My beloved little Pharisee
So set in your ideas
I will not always be with you
Rejoice while the bridegroom is here
Or else too soon
You'll taste the bitter salt of mourning
When he's gone and its too late
Even you have a little Nicodemus in you
If you'd just try to understand

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