Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So here we go
I'll tell a bit more
Because curiosity
And that true concern
Leads to common ground for all
And understanding that we all cry sometimes
And hurt from the same wounds
At least a wise woman said this once
Her words in passing forever burned on my mind
Loosing lips once locked for fear
That other would not care
So here we go
I'll tell a bit more
Common truths no more ignored
And clarity infuse my soul
Baring all unto the world
Casting myself in the hands
And the eyes of strangers
This is the price of honest
And meaningful writing
This is the price of fame
And meaningful impact
A price to be paid in full
My mark is set and goal in sight
Though miles still mark the distance to get there
However, the cost is present
Ever hanging bout my neck
And I shall bare it and bare all
Unto them and unto myself
Let loose the things even I
Have hidden from myself
Learn to show it all
Learn to let go

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