Thursday, January 3, 2013

How To Make a Sky Coat

Have you found your piece of the sky?
She laughed as she led him onward
No I have not found my piece yet
He cried as she got further

This piece I took from above Spain
When the first flowers in Granada opened
She smiled as she showed it in her palm
"Spain makes me sad." Is all he said

This piece I stole from above a church
Where the first wedding happened after the war
It was the whitest light in a century of blood
"Wars don't scare me anymore." He said

This piece fell on me just by accident
On a day I met my best friend
So I've kept it ever since then
"My friends are all liars." He mumbled to himself

Have you no piece of sky you have kept
Inside of you all these years, she cried
"I cannot keep sky in my pocket as you can."
He spoke with hatred in his eyes.

No you cannot keep sky in your pocket
She replied and took his hand. 
Only in your heart can it survive.
"The sky is too large for my heart." He sighed

Look up, right now, look up she spoke to us all
Grab that piece of sky studded with stars or clouds
It is yours now, forever to keep inside. 
And the largeness of it filled him 

"I have never felt the sky in my heart before
I have never kept something so large."
It is a gift to keep the sky each day, she smiled
And a boon to pass it on to others greater still

She knit her pieces of sky together
And made a coat of colors he'd never seen 
Her sky coat turned to wings of light
And she left him with this dream. 

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