Monday, January 14, 2013

What She Said To Me

Oh you say that you're leaving
Whatever makes you happy honey
You go right ahead and walk out that door
Pack your bags and break the dishes
I'm not gonna chase you
I'm not even gonna get up
Cause we both know what'll happen
You'll be back
You can't help yourself, can you
You poor pathetic excuse for a man
You're hooked and you know it
But what's saddest still is you know it
And keep acting out this farce
Fold your socks and take your toothbrush
God, you even call a cab as part of the show
But I'm sorry honey, no one's watching
So go ahead, baby, and run away to the end of the block
Sit on your suitcase and sigh like a grown man should
I'll be lying right here
Pour myself a glass of red wine while I wait
I'd shave my legs if I had any legs to shave
You can keep sitting out there in the rain
Maybe I'll have a bath in the meantime
And there's the knock on the front door
So I'll take my time, honey
Slide into my red lipstick and leather
Those stilettos that echo on the floor
And you can't even look at me as you stand there
Framed by the door frame and bathed in light
I knew you'd be back would be bittersweet words
So I say them with as little sweetness as I can
Because I am your art's addiction
And lifeline
You cannot go far without the threads coming undone
You cannot ever leave me without the colors fading
You can never go
Come and let me manacle you to your workbench again
Let me place the heaviest quill in your fingers
Drain your blood for your ink
Spread your skin as parchment
And begin where we left off
"Once upon a time there was a poet
Who found the most wonderful muse..."
Now write it! Write it just as I said!
"A muse he loved so very much."
You do love me don't you?
That's the most pathetic part of all
You poor, hopeless fool
Go on then, honey, keep loving me
And I'll feed you spoonfulls of inspiration
And when next you feel cheated and infringed on
You go right ahead and start folding your things again
Slam the door as hard as you can
Cause we both know how this ends
You'll be back
You can never leave me, honey

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