Thursday, January 3, 2013

You Will Rise

You will rise up with the morning
And you will lace up your converse, my dear
You will eat your cereal with purpose
And drink the tea each new day

Yes, you will rise up, my darling
And you'll step out of that old door
You'll put one foot before the other
On the road that goes on evermore

You will rise through the day, dear
When you're driving down the street
And you won't know why but you'll sing along
And smile at people you've never met

You will rise when comes the first challenge
The first spill or scare or angry voice
You'll breath and then you'll laugh, my darling
You will smile and that smile by choice

You will rise further onward
And when you fear you've gone too far
You'll see the message waiting
When you're sitting there in your car

And your dread and nerves now rising, dear
Your hands will tremble with delight
Because the news will finally have reached you
And you will cry because you feel so light

And you will rise, my shining beacon
Through all the mud and tears and men
You will shine like a star in the heavens
A singing constellation to guide them

And then I'll raise my sails, dear
And set my compass by your star's light
To dance with you there in the darkness
Leave converse footprints through the night

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