Thursday, January 3, 2013

What We Know

He says he's still the same person
The same person we've always known
But that's bullcrap and we know it
We don't know him anymore

He says that its just a part of him
A part we haven't got to meet
But we know all the parts to him
And this part is foreign and incomplete

And he says that its not a big deal
That what matters is what's within
But we know that if he hid this part
Then there's no knowing what else he's hid

Then he says it's true that there are other parts
And he says there are parts he might not know too
But we know that he must by lying again
And we know what we must say and do

But he says first that he's so sorry
That he knows he should have trusted us more
And we know that he's not sincere at all
And we know we'll still believe the words on his door

And he says he wants to be honest now
And he says he still loves us all like he's dying
And we say we understand and of course we do
And we know that for now, we are lying

And he knows our understanding is not true
And we know that he understands why
And he knows that if he gives it some time
That we will come to know a truth from that lie

And he knows that we are still here standing
And he knows that we are still at war with our minds
And we know that he says he will wait for us to come around
And we know that when he says that it means the opposite kind

He thinks he knows oh so many things
But we know that we know just a bit more
And while he goes on not saying all he knows
We know deep down he truly just wants us to ignore

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