Monday, January 7, 2013

Pictures or it didn't happen

In response to this: Amanda Palmer 

Pictures or It Didn't Happen

Between a pair of shoulders and my conscience
and between what's happening in front of me
On this tiny silver screen
and between my mixed up life
That's had to take the back seat
For a moment
What happened?
And some part that's foreign and familiar
says that I should already know
It's happening again
It never stopped happening
Did it?
It feels that way
Just like when I was a kid
and I got ducked under the water
Surfaced for a second
for a frantic breath
before being pushed down under again
It is the same
It's a cold and grey kind of day
when Nietzsche looks real nice
Invites me to come lie down
and pulls out a jar of leeches
so we can silently stay there
and bleed away the darkness
And the light
Just try for hope
comes some lonely little figment
so vapor thin in this harsh light
Which ideals-
-whether naive or romantic-
stay standing under this pressing deluge
So I'll turn on Lady Gaga
Lana del Rey and Amanda Palmer
Put on some Morrissey and leather
just like Tori Amos taught us to do
Stay up late and talk about the ozone layer
Sign a petition to ban banning PETA
Or just go out and run and dance in the nighttime
Or just go and do something
Do something
Because wave after wave of horrible news
Is making me look for love
In the worst kind of places
And threatens to drown me
Unless I find the shallow end soon
In this melting Gaudi facade
So I'm gonna do something
I'm not entirely sure what yet
And that fills me with nervous

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