Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So let me just go ahead and say it
I'm bi
Big deal
Not really to me
But seems to be
To so many others
And unfortunately
I really don't care
Because it doesn't change
Who you know me to be
I'm gonna keep watching scary movies
And drinking wine over beer
I'm gonna keep listening to Amanda Palmer
And enjoying Italian Opera most of all
I'm gonna keep cooking
And always forgetting to check on the cookies
Before its too late and I burn them again
I'm gonna leave my work boots in the foyer
And wear batman t-shirts in public
I'm gonna keep going to concerts
Alternative rock and classical too
I'm gonna keep writing stories
And poems about myself and you
So I'm sorry if this was unexpected
And I'm sorry if you feel this is about you
Because it really fucking isn't
And I know profanity probably doesn't sit well with you
But if you haven't noticed yet
I am SO done trying to tailor myself to the expectations of others
I will be considerate of you because I consider you my friend
You being that wonderfully ambiguous everyone
You being you who are reading this now
But I want you also to be my friend
And also to be a bit considerate of me
And maybe not try to force me into your view of the world
And maybe stop judging for long enough to remember what Love is supposed to be
And maybe stop judging long enough to know I love you
And I hope you can love me back enough
Not to make such a big deal about this
Don't blame yourself
Don't make it about yourself
It's not about you
It's not about me
It's about the fact that I am still the same person you know
And that nothing at all has changed
Except that maybe someday if I have a boyfriend or a girlfriend
Your reaction to this "news"
Will dictate whether I will introduce them to you
Because regardless of their gender
I will want to put my best foot forward
And not let them think I associate
With homophobes and haters
I want you to be part of my life
So don't do something that forces me
To cut you out
Because if I have to
It's too painful to prolong
So I will do it suddenly and quickly
I don't want to lose anyone
And I don't want to be the one to cut you out
But like I said
I'm so fucking done
Changing what I say and do
Trying to be someone else just for you
I like myself
And I like who I am
And that's important because for so long I didn't
But enough about me
If you really are a parent or a friend
If you really are even just a decent human being
This will be important to you too
So, who and what are you?
Let the conversation begin

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