Thursday, January 3, 2013

There Is No New Years

There's no such thing as New Years
We're all just stumbling along in the dark
And hoping to find a way out the other side
But maybe that's not so bad
If we'd all just stop our mad dash scramble
All 9 billion of us
We stop and stand in the dark
No more stepping on toes
Or scratching eyeballs in the night
We stop and stand and spread out arms out
And find each other's fingers in the dark
And let them intertwine
A living web all connected
And the dark will have lost then
Because we no longer would need our eyes
But this esoteric line of thought may be nice
But I won't follow my own advice
Because deep down I still have a fear
That if we all stopped clawing and scratching
And stood and reached out our arms
And took the hands of all those that were near
That I would be one of those poor souls
Who stumbled just a bit too far
And no one's fingers would find mine
And maybe that's what I really desire
To know that I can finally be alone
But regardless of my truest need
I won't stop and stand up to connect
I'll keep on doing it the only way I know how
I'll keep running in the dark
And stepping on toes and tearing clothes
And scratching eyes and clawing arms
Because at least when I run smack dab into someone
I know for a second that I'm not alone
And so maybe there is a New Year after all
Even if we are just stumbling in the dark 

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