Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm Just Wasting Time Chasing Cars

And I still can't listen to Snow Patrol without thinking of you
Though driving is easier as long as it doesn't rain
And I still can't watch the sunrise
And going to church is still an open wound
It's all kinda of funny really
You'd think two years would be time enough
To pick up the pieces again
And make new memories
But I still can't listen to Banana Pancakes without thinking of you
Though climbing trees has only gotten harder
And there are whole streets of Beaverton
That I can never walk down again
And it's all kinda of sad really
I had hoped that maybe your memory would fade
And what's saddest of all is I can't keep wondering
If you are having the same troubles as I am
Are large boxes on Valentines Day a death to you?
And is that small pagoda we found on the lake in Davis off limits now?
Are there streets in Novato you can never walk down again?
Do you still go back to our tree on the hill?
I know we didn't work well together
And I know in the end it was for the best
Incompatibility or maybe I just stopped trying
But I still cry when the radio plays "Lucky" by Jason Mraz
And I still wonder if it was as real for you as it was for me
And I still wonder if you aren't wondering the same thing too
And if it's hard for you to listen to Snow Patrol too

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