Monday, January 7, 2013

What We Saw at the Freak Show

And now the part of the show
When we unveil the prestige
So sit upright and lean forward
To the precipice of your seat
To the point we drive you insane
To see what we can see
Ladies and gentleman step right up
It's the man who loves himself so
Surrounded by mirrors
He saw only himself reflected
In every pair of eyes he met
And asked constantly of himself
"Am I doing more unto others
So that they will do more unto me?"
And without a word of malice
Or the bitter taste of venom on his lips
He killed so sweetly when he smiled
So, lean forward further now
And prepare for the softest murder
By the man who had to live his entire life
Trapped inside his own body
Never learning that age old secret
Of finding the zipper at the base of his neck
Peeling away this boring flesh
And becoming the bolt of fire the rest of us are
He is the freak who cannot ever see
That the world is bigger than his backyard
And that others have feelings too
Step right up and see the world's only victim
Who has single handedly shouldered every sorrow
Every wrong committed has been towards him
Clap now as he walks by
Somehow bearing it all with such grace
He holds his head as high as he can reach
And sometimes stands on his tiptoes if he must
Throw your dollars and your peanuts
And let him know that you can see him
Don't worry at all, because he can't ever see you
Or can he, you must wonder as he meets your gaze
Perhaps he's found his zipper
And will finally join in our ascension
What a curious thing it must be, you think
To live only upon the flat of earth
How curious to see a man such as this
Who has never drank daylight with the stars
But do not fear, we have taken precautions
And he won't find his zipper if we can help it
And after all
This is all only a show for your entertainment
A funny story about the day you were there
It's not as if this is about a person
Whose skin you fear too much to crawl into
Whose eyes you fear too much to claw out
Hold up to the light
And see what color the sun is to him
Step right up, ladies and gentleman
We only ask you not to feed the freak
Any word of kindness or understanding
Will only encourage him
But then, maybe you ought to feed him daily
Help hide his zipper deeper still
After all as they say in our line of business
The show always must go on
And we are merely here for your entertainment

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