Thursday, January 3, 2013

Closets Are for Narnia

It's dark in here
So light a match
Are you stupid we can't do that
You wanted light
But they might see us
He's right, just don't
What are you so afraid of
The outside is a cold place
With shoes that sound on stairs
And that's why we can't leave
That's why we can't leave?
Come on don't make that face
You know as well as we do
that the outside is not for us..
Who told you such lies?
It is truth.
Just see for yourself
Alright I think I will
No, don't! We were joking
Not the door! Not the door!
It's not so bad out here...
It burns us!
It freezes!
You're just being dramatic
It could hurt us though
You don't care about us
Yes, I do but you're being ridiculous 
so come on and take a look
The outside... I think I remember
Yes, we came from out here
and we didn't always live in the dark
No... but why... why did we leave
It must have been something bad
Yes... it was something horrible
We were... we were hiding?
We were... we were frightened?
What was it?
A lie
A lie?
A lie?
A lie
And something else?
A beast. 
The dragon in the air
Is it still there?
No the dragon has been so long dead
While we slept?
Yes and now we can stand in the sun again.
I think... I think I'll like that 
I'm still not so sure
Well you can stay here longer
If that's what you really want
but I'm tired of hiding
And I miss the sunshine
Do you really going then?
Yes, I think I am.
You already know my answer.
Fine but before you go 
do you still remember our names?
Yes. I think one of us was called
"his kindness"
Yes, and one of us was called
"his compassion"
But was not one of us also called 
"his love"
Yes one of us was that
But which of us are leaving
And which one is still staying behind
I'm not sure
But at least
At least some of us are out of the dark now

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