Sunday, January 20, 2013


I have come here for a peel
She said as she sat down
A peel I asked what kind
She said
A peel for my rough skin
I smiled alright
Let's then begin
Lie down
Alright she said
I've sinned
Of course
I ground the base to powder
She lay in silence
And processed my confirmation
I've done things
She met my eyes with those words
I've said things and done things
And I simply kept grinding
The base to powder
And she hugged her cold self
I've told other people
She spoke in a whisper
I've had other people tell me
And I look up at her
And she's near to crying
I pour the oils into the grinder
Go on
I say as I mix in the tallow
She sighs
They've spoken such harsh words to me
I put in the tea tree and peppermint and ginger
Go on
And she cries as I crush the lilly petals
They have lied about me
And broken my trust
They have killed me
And abused my art
Over and over and over again
I let her talk
As I apply the thick paste
Smear across her forehead
Like some green anointing oil
But I tell her
She has to stop crying
So she keeps it in
No more
Tears will let her cheeks run
And she talks
About how she can't trust anymore
And I nod
As she says she can't love anymore
And I don't say anything
As she says she knows that she's changed
And I don't say anything
As she asks me if its for the better
And she asks again
If I hate who she has become
And I tell her to stop talking
I have to apply it around her mouth now
And so she sits there very still
No more words or tears
Holds it all in
Like a big girl should
While I turn on the blazing lights
That hurt her eyes
And make everything else
As the mask begins to settle and harden
Seep deep into her pores
And grabs hold firm of all the
That's crawled in
And settled so long ago
And made her face so ugly
And she sits as the new skin hardens
A shell that maybe this time
Will keep things clean
But I know the truth
As she washes it off
And is reborn with baby fresh skin
This is just a phase
A stage
And she'll be back again
And again and again and again
For a thousand different new faces
And wash the old ones off
But for the moment
She is herself again
Or maybe the self she wants to be
For a moment her skin dances
With peppermint and tea tree
And she feels reborn to the world
And I do not answer her questions
I do not ruin this moment for her
I do not think I want to

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