Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Soft Acoustic Sunset

Come and walk with me
By the old oak tree
Just sit here quietly
And listen to the world grow old

No its not about love today
No its not about all that jazz
Today is a day for you and me
And everyone else as well

Lets sit and listen to the world grow bright
And sepia seep into the cracks
And we'll bask in the glow
Of the warmth as day becomes night
And we won't even care at all

Because once night comes dancing on
We know the stars will be warm this time
Yes because we know the grass is warm
And we'll lie there watching fireflies

While slow, soft night music
And an old acoustic guitar
Drift and drone lazily by
And as our eyes grow heavier

And the sweetest slumber wraps its arms
Around us like the soft glow of 4th of July fireworks
We can now finally take a breath
And taste the dew forming on our tongues

And laugh until the sun peaks through
And laugh and shake our manes
Scatter dew drops in the morning light
And run back to be home in time for breakfast

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