Monday, January 16, 2012


You are so good
Much too good
And I am so bad
Just a bit too much
And so as opposites slide
So of course you'd have my love
And of course I can never have yours
For this is how the world deals with us
The star cross'd lovers, or just lover in this case
But I cannot let myself believe
I cannot think it may be true
That all this love I feel
Is simply wasted on you
That you cannot feel it
You cannot see it
You do not know
Not even a bit
So I shall hold on to hope
Not the hope of your love's return
But I shall hold on to hope that just maybe
Maybe you know how my heart bleeds for you
Maybe you know what pain I feel when I hear your name
And that will be enough for me
No word or act in return
Nothing at all from you
Just the hope that you know
That I am not abandoned
Or forgotten
That is all
All I can hope for now
Because I am so very good
Good at hoping at the thing lost
So I shall be good at hoping
And you can be good at being so good
And when you smile at me so sweetly
I'll pretend that the smile is for me
Because I can't do anything else
Because I am so bad
and you are so good

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