Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Phoenix Born

Come now gentle flame
Here alight upon my breast
And take hold golden bright
Brother of my aching
Sister of my dispair
Can you tell my tale
Or shall you lie for me?
All can see now plain
Laid out here to see
The path that once was trod
The path that never sees
The light of day comes now
And my light with all these
For of the seven suns
That have basked since the night
Of the seven moons
Wrapped in silken delights
I have never known
A star more radiant
That shall I set my course
By this lode's demands
Or shall I turn once more
Upon this endless sea
Shall I yearn once more
Or shall I call for Thee
But where was love when all
The night was dark and cold
Where was love when I
Knew the taste of blood
No I shall stir again
Sleeping in the ice
I shall rise once more
And feast upon their eyes
So when the time has come
And where this river runs
No more to lie in state
No more their tongues to sate
I shall turn my back
And I shan't look aside
There where deeps things crawl
There I go to hide
But the world is an ever tomb
And no matter where I run
There is always the dancing still
Between the moon and sun
And so shall days now pass
And time so silent heals
But I shall turn my head
And find the secret wheels
That turn and grind their bones
And look beyond this scope
I shall rise for my own sake
No more this bitter trope
My heart anew to make
Over again to break
For my own sake

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