Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lambing the Muse

A hard mistress is my muse
This poor poet so to abuse
For no sleep shall she grant
Until word more utter I can't
So now in gross poetic line
I shall recall the ivy and vine
And upon god of grape and desire
I shall offer this sacred fire
That mayhap they shall can see
What image has now come to me
That day when Pan did see there
Upon the hilltop green, the fair
One, keeper of his ancient heart
And turner of his nature's art
The one which in poetic code
shall be called Lamb, as innocence bode
For like a lamb Pam's lover was tame
And knew not the rules of love's game
And trusted heart unto one so dark
The one with the most evil heart
But anon he would take hold of prize
Pan glanced into those gorgeous eyes
And realized no matter he lust much
This pure beauty he could not touch
He hid his face in utter shame
And he threw away his form and name
And took upon him a more humble form
And would no more the laurel adorn
But as a goat he wandered the fields
Where golden Demeter her scepter wields
And as he journeyed to distant parts
The lamb he always kept within his heart
In the hopes that they could still be friends
In the hopes they would someday meet again


  1. Have you read "The Great God Pan" ? It's rough around the edges, but deals with this part on the Pan legend. Their treatment of the god is interesting. Anyway, I like how this piece traced your first inspiration to the actual story. It reminded me vaguely of how classical literature often invokes the aid of a muse before getting to the point...masterpiece emulation forever!

  2. hahaha I haven't read it yet but I will now. :) Thanks for all the feedback. It's really great. Sometimes it gets to feeling pretty lonely here in my little corner of the web. :) And yes, viva la emualacion du masterpiece (?) :D