Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Pheonic Weeps

O Salt
Thy name is known to me
For how else should I mark the hours
Then by thy constant fall
O Salt
Thou who preserve all of man
Now unto they everlasting memory
I commit this final after image
O Salt
Flow from my eyes as a font
And gather in the flats of my heart
Harden there to purest stone
O Salt
You have i tasted most of all
My only comfort when all else have gone
And I find myself alone once more
O Salt
You essence of my soul
Go now out into the wide world
And run among the streams of old
O Salt
And gather there with thine kinfolk true
In the cast seas of human heartache
And a thousand thousand joys
O Salt
You know me beyond any other
And I would recall you anon I fly
Burn brightest in this heart
O Salt
Forver you and that I long for are mine

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