Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yon Wicked Goat

Said the goat unto the lamb
"Let us go a bit along
this dusty road ahead of us
To the fountain far beyond."

Answered the lamb unto the goat
"The font you speak of I know well
Tis not a place you would call pleasant
Tis not the place many lambs dwell."

"Come with me." Spoke the goat
"There is no need to be afraid.
For the path is just right here.
And by sweet songs we are bade."

"I do not know," whispered the lamb
"I am not sure of this new path
for I have heard unpleasant reports
Of all on it journeyed hath."

"Come soon," breathed the goat
"This path has been trod by all
There is not so much danger here
See, no true ravine into which to fall."

But still linger did the lamb
Peering down the road so dark
And even hearing such soft music
The goat's word it would not hark.

But the goat knew what the lamb did not
That the path was enchanted made
And that soon the rising ridge would
Push the lamb where the goat had bade.

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