Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Pheonix Soars

Come now all of you
We can make it through this storm
We must press on we must
And no more look so forlorn
For the day is coming now
On wings that break all the rules
And when the yardstick shatters
We shall see the kings and fools
Come now all of you
We must press on to that coming dawn
We must make it we must
And no more bow to the scorn
For as morning breaks over the globe
And fills those dark pockets with gold
We shall fill saddness with joy
As youth take the place of bitter old
Come now all of you
We are almost at the end
The journey was far and upriver
Yet the greatest joy waits beyond the bend
And I know my heart shall heal once more
And I know my love is still ever yours
But night turns to day
And old turns to new
And I will always still love you
Even as I turn and set fire to that love
And as the flames rise to the sky
This sacrifice of our love to the Highest
So I set fire to the line between you and I
And I know that I shall burn as well
And rise as a pheonix from the flames
And soar higher than I have ever before
On the wings of flame you have given me
Come now all of you
Let us all rise on flamewings
Soar into the starlit morning
And break the clouds apart to find
That violet daybreak when all the world sings again

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