Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lancelot's Abhorence

My heart is amazed
by the horror of

Those eyes so bleary
Unfocused and teary
That shimmer with lights foreign
to you.

I would swim in those seas
I would if they would
but look at me as I haved longed
at you.

But you chased so many
Around the merry go round
And circle tables set for all
but you.

And when my heart is at the breaking
the point of life and love's unmaking
Then I will steal to the place I slumbered
with you.

And there hidden by crevician art
that tender cloth you kept so near your heart
I will bring it to wipe my tears as I think
of you.

Be near me tonight, my sweetest desire
Even if only you walk in my dreams
And let me never dream again unless it be
of you.

My soul abhores this lonesome state
It knows limbo when it's taste'd.
And so it looks on me with shame
for you.

And so tonight I am amazed by you
My soul's abhorent praise to you
And I just can't stop my muse, it's true
From burning my heart with longing for you.

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