Sunday, January 8, 2012

What Wrote Ophelia There

You could have it all
Anything you want
The world rises up in the morning
Rises up to greet your face
And offers you all the sweetness
That it denies me this day
You can have everything
Everything you've dreamed
They bloom before your eyes
And gild the curves of your smiles
As it has gilt my tears tonight
You can choose anything
Anyone, all long for you
You have the soul like a lodestone
All hearts turn towards you
And my greatest pain is your blindness
To the loves that you could have
For each day the world offers all
And each day you still look small
In your own eyes
And each day they offer their love
And each day you shrug it off
Believing none can love you
So here I stand and sway
Caught between antipodes of dread
Either, you know not your worth
Reject all their loves
And mine with them
Or else
I pry open your eyes
And you see my heart
And seeing mine see theirs as well
And realize
That you could have anyone at all
So why would you ever choose me
I sway and linger on this thread
I weave these thoughts around my head
And plummet into the growing dread
Your heart could give me everything

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