Sunday, January 8, 2012

Guinivere's Response

Tonight the shadows grow so deep
The air draws chill in my stoney keep
And I know that it is true

You've come and gone another day
You're out there and you did not stay
And I know that it is true

You said you loved me as a friend
Those words of hope that also rend
And I know that it is true

Are you friend who desire's lover
Or are you lover caught as a brother
I know not which is true

But on nights like this when my eyes shine
When my hand reaches for more wine
I know that it must be true

That the only time I have ever felt love
Was waking with your face above
And I know it can be true

That maybe your heart is the same as mine
And maybe all we need is a bit more time
Maybe it could be true

So I'll endure one more cold lonely night
For you, my ever constant knight
And I too shall remain true

True enough to you

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