Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Drop of Fire

A single drop of fire
Is all it took
It fell
So far
So deep
And burned
And kept burning
Burning and burning until
There was a sigh
And the smoke
Drew back
Like a curtain of vesper song
And there in the silence
Stood the penitent one
With eyes like the sea
And a voice that broke
My hardest heart
And so we turned
And had compassion
And the sand drew back from the sea
But the flames were alive with passion
And they burned with yearning for his blood
And I would have given their desire
Had I not also seen his eyes
And the depths there held
The oceans primordial
Brimming with life
And the ever deep echoes
In vast subterranean chambers
Where lone stone crumbles
Fell into abyssmal depths
And never knew the light again
And I feared to be a stone
Falling into those eyes
And the flames were held back
And their fury was great
For a flame cannot see
Into the eyes of a man
It is too hungry of a thing
It seeks only to sate it's desire
And so it leapt for at the man
The resplendid figure on the sand
And reached out for those fingers
It licked the salt from his hand
And drew back
And knew
And finally understood what was meant
When one sees the sea in a set of eyes
And begins to drown beyond belief
For those eyes were shut
Like the great curtains of Night herself
And the fire trembled
As a lone drop
Trickled from the delicate wave
Of small curling lashes
That seam of the sea
We call the strand
A single drop
Is all it took

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