Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Pheonix Stops to Think

These arms were once so weak
But now they have found something
So strong and so reassured
That no more will pain endure
Come now all these songs that sing
And the joyous noise we'll bring
For the arms that were broken
Were made anew again
But oh how bitter the news
That once we should have had
The song that would endure
But for the sake of all that longing
Still no answer would step forth
That at the end of days no passing
The sea would rise with forth
For skies now turning red
And the end of days draw neigh
So shall this horesman stand
And feed the flock anon he lights
Upon that steed that stand await
Pale as the morning mist it stands
And no more of mortal man's words
It harks but only the call of destiny
No more to stand in that dire place
Arms of compassion now hear
O arms turn your ear to me
The world is cursed and I stand
Alone at the heart of the maelstrome
I know the part I am to play
But abhorence is stil in my mind
I cannot turn to blood this day
Come oh sheep the harvest is neigh
Do you know the reason today you die?
A great cost it takes to bring what must come
I have felt the touch of destiny
And now I am undone
So shall I turn to fire
And when all has passed below and above
Let them say I did it for love

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