Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Pheonix Stirs

And let all feelings wash away
And don't let them see again
But no matter the pain
Or the times and trials ahead
I cannot simply become lame
I'd rather feel then be so dead
So I shall sing
And write the words I fear to say
I shall dream
The things I have lost in yesterday
And I shall take wing
No matter how dark it may seam
And no more to contain
No more to refrain
No I shall take flight
And I shall draw might
From the tears I have sown
And from the love I have known
And when the backs all have turned
And I my salt and dues have earned
I shall then spread my secret wings
For I am not all that I seem
And upon the wings of night take flight
And I shall rise up to glorious hights
And they shall look upon me
The one that they have scorned
And they shall know me
As the one they aught have adored
And I shall rise over their eyes
Full of scorn and compromise
And I shall search for the violet dawn
And let my art and my heart be reborn

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