Monday, January 16, 2012


My love
How long since I have whispered your name to silence of night's ebony wings
And yet even now
Your name recalls to me all those joyful, wonderful, magical memories
But on swift feet
Here come the cool sliding memory, our last memory, when you weren't there
And I waited for you
And you did not come even though you said you'd come and I was all alone
And now you're here
And you have that look in your eyes again that would melt my heart
And then break it again
You ought to know more about human hearts then this, we are too easily broke
So now you've come
And as we lay here in the silence of night's warm embrace
I will try not to cry
We won't say anything, do anything, just you and I lying here
And we won't move
Because deep down we both know it won't do either of us any good anymore
We will stay here
And let the dust of ages collect like a blanket to sooth our slumber
And I will try not to die
But I can make no promises, my love, I cannot make them as easy as you
And maybe I will die lying here
But at least this way I know that if I die here I will die with you by my side
And afterward?
That is no longer up to me is it? Your hands. Your choice. Your move.
Your love.

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