Saturday, January 21, 2012

Colloquy of Thought

Said my Longing to my Soul
"Shall we walk upon the strand
And trace each every inlet
Where the sea kisses the sand?"

Replied my Soul unto my Longing
"Sir, you have waited far too long
The hour comes of midnight's making
when our path may yet go wrong."

Scoffed my Longing at my Soul
"Why need we Day's harsh light
When other lamps can light our way
The stars that dance in glorious night?"

So bent my Soul unto my Longing
And rising from that cautious seat
Made their way along the shore
The sand still warm to their feet

Then said my Longing to my Soul
"While the day's warmth linger's yet
Let us wade out into the waters
To dance among the foaming wet."

Answered my Soul unto my Longing,
"Is the water here not deep?
And what strange currents
May yet sweep us from our feet?"

Smiled my Longing to my Soul,
"But we shall wade out not too far
And when the water touches knees
Safe we'll stand on that sand bar."

Said my Soul unto my Longing,
"To the sand bar but no one more step
For I know not these deep waters
Or past sorrows they have kept."

Whispered my Longing to my Soul,
"Past sorrows pass as a leaf in the stream
And even today's tragedy all too soon
Reclines inside and fades like a dream."

So headed my Soul the words of my Longing
And setting foot into the tumbling rush
They began their wade beneath the pale moon
No sound save for the Sea's gentle hush.

Said the Moon unto that Sea,
"What new tenant have you earned?
I saw two bathers enter your chambers
But lo, only one now has returned."

Answered the Sea unto that Moon,
"A few steps more, a splash and a bump
Longing may drown a man's Soul
And a little leaven leavens the whole lump."

1 comment:

  1. I don't know where to begin.
    The set up is great, but the ending really and truly gave me pause. It was almost like a fable, but without the saccharine aftertaste of a trite moral-- it was simply a chilling truth, told in a beautiful way. Molto bene is yours, so I'll say tres tres bien instead-- merveilleux :)