Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tulgian Sent

I release these dreams unto the night
Let them run, on wings of wind take flight
Let them gather unto those minds asleep
Let them bring the image to the places deep
For wrought with fire are these ancient devices
That run with desire according to my vices
And now when the boiling draws nigh to the faces
Let them in their beds of satin and laces
Be visited by the phatom of my derision
And taste of the river of my decisions
For as the ones speak now through vessel unbroken
Let them heed the fires that I have spoken
And walk in the wheel of the path I have shaped
And tast of the fruit of desire and hate
And with eyes now turning let hearts be in twain
Desiring all that this love has to gain
For selfish are hearts when caught in the fire
And blind are the eyes that drown in desire

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