Sunday, January 8, 2012

Arthur's Tears

What words are left
You have broken me utterly
The way the sun caught your smile
And it reminded me of once
When that smile could have been
Could have been
For me
You walked like the sun
So surely and so true
As if your course was unchanging
Empyrean and set
And I would be the dog
Your spaniel, Demetrius
Following always in your wake
Again I dare to glance
To glance at you for second
And all I see is the gentle wave
Of the ocean curling to meet the shore
It's been caught in your hair
Those chocolate waves
Veined with purest gold
How I wish to draw near again
To breathe in again
To smell your hair once more
As I did so many times
While you slept soundly in the sun
You are slowly seeping like the dawn
Coloring my world that was grey for so long
Trying to fight your way once more
To the place you held before
When you were my sun
My centre, my soul
O I cannot let it
I tell myself I cannot let you
I must restrain myself
I must contain myself
I cannot let love sprout again
Not when
When you tore my still beating heart
Out of the chest and left naught but night
You have no idea
Not the slightest clue
How far your fingers reach
You choose over and over again
As if I don't exist
And just as I am ready
Set to give you up
Then you turn that face
As pale as the moon
With a blush of your drink
Breathing on your cheeks
Those lovely cheeks
Whose circles I've traced
Time and time again
Mapping all for my memory
As if I knew this day would come
Just then
When I would let you go
And say it is better for you to go
Then you turn and smile my way
A word of affection so long sought
A King is not supposed to cry
And yet your beauty draws tears
From my soul
My longing for you, my love
Consumes my heart and mind
And turns all to fountains and springs
That drain from my eyes as the rivers
The rivers of desire and heartbreak
That pool into the ocean of my pillow
You wipe the tear from my cheek
And trace it with your smooth thumb
And suddenly we're right back where we started
What words are left
You have broken me utterly

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