Monday, January 9, 2012

Lacewing Paper

The air grows so thin
Like lacewing paper spread over us
And as I reach towards you
I am afraid I'll tear it
So I push
Push as hard as I can
Strain against the paper
Just a bit harder then before
I write my name on the paper
And yours next to mine
I use what I can
My tears
My blood
What ever will hold the hardest letters
I hope that if I do this
Leave an imprint of my soul
That maybe you'll see it
With your eyes glued shut
Or maybe you won't
But at the very least
These demons that push my soul
That push my heart to bleed
To bleed at the thought of you
They will no longer be inside me
Consuming me
I trap them in the paper with words
And I can't help feeling
That I trap a part of my heart there too
You won't see it
You can't
I understand
But I can't keep this any longer
Lacewing paper is fine
Is thin
But still not thin enough
It suffocates my soul
And as much as I want you
I also want to be able
Able to breathe again
And it's not fair of me
To smother you with all my affection
I can't keep you mine
Not with all the lacewing paper
All the lacewing paper in the world

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