Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Silly Little Scribble

I'll scribble one more verse
For all caught by love's curse
Since tonight you grant no sleep
And my heart its vigil keeps
While the lily lies in sweet repose
You waken my muse to compose
And while my broken arms ache
Still you smile on my memory breaks
Like the ocean crashes on the sand
I close my eyes and recall your hand
I feel it now here in the night
Were feelings able to bring sight
The sweet smell upon your lips
The way they curve as your smile dips
But soft! The spell is spent!
And the love was only lent
Now as a phantom you dissipate
Before the words that came too late
I longed to whisper in your ear
But now you've gone and disappeared
And so I shant write more tonight
I shall put out my little light
And if the gods and my muse be true
Grant they that I dream of you

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