Monday, December 26, 2011

The Mist and the Boulder

It was a night
Like so many before
When we just sat
And tried to talk
But the words were few
And the thoughts too many
And the feelings too
Were just too true
Just too true...
Or at least, that's what I thought.

It was this last night
Like so many before
Where you leaned arms crossed
Against the frame of my door
And you just looked at me
Wordless and sad
Because of the simple truth
Of what would never be
What would never be...
Or at least, so it seamed to me.

That's why last night
Like no night before
As we sat on the stairs
And you placed your fingertips
On each one of my tears
No need to ask me why
No need to answer
No words can fill this soul
The truth we both know well
We both know well...
Or at least, I can only hope.

And so now that it's tonight
Just like the night before
I will sit alone in silence
Not asking what I cannot bear
To hear the answer to
And I know even if my dreams were true
The silence would be a constant veil
And I know if they are but dreams
The silence is a sanctuary for dreams
And so we shall remain silent
Remain silent....
Or at least, I will for now.

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