Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ode to the Bird of Paradise

A different spectre draws now near
Not of her who I no longer fear
But of an altogether different colored bird
Whose song is sweet yet so absurd
For you, o bird of paradise, I write
For it is thoughts of you that keep me up tonight
First the smell, that scent that haunts my sleep
Wafting on unseen breezes it creeps
And suddenly brings back every smile of your face
And in darkness your profile I begin to trace

Begone you thoughts that haunt my dreams!
For though sweet, you are not all you seem
Your lies are free and your venom is fierce
To lead desperate hearts and then to pierce
When you rent away the precious thing of desire
And leave only the taste of the despondent mire
I know your lies and treachery too well
Tonight you shant make my dreams a hell

The bird did not on my shoulder come
Because it preferred me over everyone
It did not sing such a lovely air
Because it thought me the most fair
The kiss I stole it did not secretly give
You cannot trick me and make me believe
You would lie and my heart would gladly follow
But my mind must guard my psyche for the morrow
And it knows that the bird of paradise is wild
It is unpredictable Nature's child
I can never hold it with cage door or bar
I can only be contented to love it from afar

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