Thursday, December 8, 2011


Don't say it
We don't want to hear it
Just keep it
Keep it to yourself
Let it fall
Bury it deep inside your soul
And let it lie forgotten
By all
Except for you of course
You won't ever forget
You won't ever move on
You won't ever let it go
You have tasted of the cup
And you have found that
Turkish Delight is far too sweet
To ever drink blood again
So now you'll just lie here
In the snow and the ice
And hug yourself to keep warm
And only ever hug yourself
Poor boy you don't even see do you
You can never make them understand
Let it sink lower still
Falling like a burning comet
Self immolation draws now near
Do it
Do it
But never tell them why
Let them stand in a circle
Proud brother and sisters dear
Let them look on with questioning glances
Let them wonder why you would ever
They have not tasted
They can never understand
They will never know why
They look down at your charred remains
And though you may be tempted
Tempted by forces as weak as love and comfort
To tell them
Don't say a word
They can't understand
They have never understood
A thousand generations of their faces
And they have never understood
A thousand more and maybe
But no, no place made for hope
They will never understand it
So just let it all take flame
And let them step back
The look of horror and fear
and that says "I told you so"
Let them share their glances
And speak of their "Poor dear"
But do not answer their questions
They don't even really ask
Shh be still my poor poor prince
Yes, you little prince you little darling
You truly are alone in the world
And so you shall always be
Have I not decreed it?
And My word shall not return void
Go now and lie in the snow a bit longer
Until all your tears have glazed into ice
And as the frozen rivulets travel up cheeks
Freezing those pools that are your eyes
And following that watery trail down
Into your heart
Into your soul
Let all turn to my beloved ice
It is about time, don't you think?
Enough of this fire
Enough of their flames
Let it all cool down and freeze to iron
And then only shall I call you Mine
The Prince deserving of My Kingdom
Drink deep now
Drink of that cup they shall never know
Take up your seat
Not on some throne of four
Rise higher still
Here upon the sledge beside Me
Come now and let us go
Only take a care
To hold your tongue
Not a word
Not one word

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