Monday, December 26, 2011

Merlin's Prison

In an empty room
Colored in saddness
I sit and contemplate

I sit and stair at my reflection
Waiting for the glass to make
Make the first move

But no sigh, no shutter, nothing at all
The sound of emptiness is loudest
And I knew for sure I was

And when you asked me to have a heart
To show a care again like before
I walked into the empty room
That was Yours

And I peeled the wallpaper with my nails
And I broke the chairs with my bones
And I ground all to dust and ash

And I gave the last bit back to you
Because I could not have a heart
After I already gave it away
To you

So here I sit in my empty oaken chamber
And stair empathetically at the mirror
Here where you have imprisoned me

1 comment:

  1. Is this poem about Nimue? If it is, that just about doubles impact for me, and I was already pretty blown away. Now I'm thinking of all the ways their story could be retold-- this isn't a very explored area, what Merlin felt when he was imprisoned by love. Perhaps you should take on the task of putting their story on paper :)