Tuesday, December 13, 2011


He caught my eye
Peering across the room
With a suken look that seemed to say
That seemed to beg
To beg for someone
To ask him what's wrong
So I stepped closer
And he came more into view
And as if reading my mind
Reading his mind
He began to speak
"Its nothing at all"
He couldn't look at me as he lied
I couldn't look at him as he lied
I'm fine
He tried to say but just couldn't
It's just that I think
I think I may be getting close
Close? Close to what?
Close to just giving up.
Giving up on what?
Do you really have to ask
And the sadness is his eyes
Was too heavy to bear
So I could not stay
I could not ask him
What he wanted to ask me
Instead I just
I just turned
And walked away
Away from the mirror

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