Monday, February 4, 2013

He sits and thinks too much

Look at him 
He sits and second guesses himself 
And her and all of it 
You felt this way before 
Yes you remember how it starts
It's been a while since you've feasted on broken hearts
At least he tells himself all of this
Because it makes him feel so tough and strong 
Or in control
But he knows the heart he always breaks first
Is his own
And they all get over it eventually 
It's not like he's really such a catch
But he never forgets a single one 
And these wounds he inflicts can never heal 
You can't stop yourself 
You keep doing this over and over again
At least he tells himself that 
Because the alternative is still too steep
That he truly could his heart keep
And not divulge his secrets so easily
Or at least not love entirely 
Half hearted love can still be hearty
But these conversations in my mind 
They are winding like an ouroborus
And the problem of being a self devourer
Is eventually all you end up with
Is a mouth full of sharp fangs 
And a venom sack with no closed sign
So I and he and we will all just shut up and sit down for a bit 
Because we are near a breakdown 
Or is it a breakthrough 
Either way something is about to give 
And we know we are a generous giver

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