Sunday, February 3, 2013


And the waters are here again 
Without warning comes the flood
And the air is gone again 
And the depths burn my lungs
This is a metaphor 
This is a way for me to speak
About the pressure again
Crushingly me so slowly
The lights have all gone out
It is so cold 
Alone here in the dark
No hand to hold
Not that I would take one
All else drowns and pride endures
It shifts towards apathy 
And a suicidal urge 
Please don't read in too deep
You wouldn't want to drown
Stay in the shallow side
Practice going round and round
Don't look too closely 
At the cracks beneath the smile
Float now on your back 
And watch the sky for a while
While I will dive deeper
The flood is here may as well go
Submerge my gasping thoughts
Submit unto the dark and the cold
Please don't read into deep
I wouldn't want to drag you down 
Paddle in your pool 
Don't look where I can be found 
The world is quiet here 
In the darkness of the trench
The world begins to fade 
And I am gasping my last breath 
Please don't read in too deep
It's all okay, really, you'll see 
Go find your floaties and your friends 
Just let me sink and let me be 

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