Saturday, February 9, 2013

Me and Mr Gardener

Hello my name is Mr Right on Time
And haven't you just been waiting for me all your life
Hello my name is Mr Cure for the Contagion
And I've come to do all I'm able
Hello my name today is simply Mr Gardener
How do you do and no I don't have any flowers for you
Hello my name is Mr Gardener and yes we still have room for one more
The tour is quick and check in quicker, I trust that I won't bore

Because here at happy hills we are real nice
We'll move you round and round like cards and dice
And if you should find your own sepulcher empty
We'll rent it out for cheap and give you a percentage
Because we live only to serve our wormy guest
Yes we can't sleep till you've found your final rest

Hello my name is Mr Early Riser
Even without coffee you won't find me a miser
Hello my name is Mr Tour Guide for the Damned 
Look to your left, Hitler, and on your right a soccer mom in a minivan 
Hello today again Mr Gardener here
Saying it does happen sometimes so don't fear my dear 
Yes me Mr Gardener were you next of kin?
No, I'm sorry I don't know where they've moved Him

Because here at Happy Hills there is no checking out
We take every precaution to prevent Old Gramps from waking about
And if you should find your sepulcher taken
There are rooms with a view and by tomorrow they'll be vacant 
Because seeds must die before they can rise again 
Too bad we aren't seeds, but truly human, eh Friend? 

Plant em, and watch em but don't expect anything
Water em with your fears and walk away from Him
Because lonely mornings in gardens are oh so few
There's always the gardener who can cry there with you

Because here at the Happy Hills we will take care of you
Plant you in rich soil just like your mom wanted to 
And if in the morning you should find that your stones been moved
Just find Mr Gardener don't worry he knows just what to do

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