Monday, February 11, 2013

The State of Our Union

You're going too fast she says
Places her hand on the handle
And looks out the window

We are running too late 
He says and presses the pedal 
And checks the time again 

You're spending too much
She says as she shakes her head 
We need to make cuts again

And he folds his arms 
Times right now may be tough
But we need to invest in tomorrow 

There won't be one if we die tonight
She says and she wants to shiver 
You're just reckless and irresponsible 

And he does not answer but replies 
You are just so scared of the risk
You'd rather just stand still then go forward 

You're changing too much 
She says and she steps away 
Is tomorrow really worth throwing away yesterday? 

You're speaking of stagnation 
He also turns away from her
You're speaking of rotting and dying too

So shall we die slow then 
He asks and she replies 
So shall we die fast then 

Because its hard to see the other side
When you've stopped listening 
And then have stopped caring too 

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