Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Corrections Page

I won't correct what isn't right
And sing songs I haven't heard 
I won't try to change your mind
And save you from the lesson learned
Some things are only ever taught
Through the harshest bite of pain
Some things are only remembered
In the emptiness after you came 

So I won't tell you that you're wrong again tonight
And I won't argue and I won't put up a fight
Because we know that of course you're always right
Even when it takes tears and years out of sight

I won't correct what isn't wrong
With my silent disapproval
But in silence I still speak now
Correcting with my personal removal
I am not one to be ignored 
An I'm not one to be emulated 
But now consider yourself warned 
And listen up before I'm vindicated 

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